Out of all the Intoner sisters. 
Three’s character design is my favorite.

That was always one of the problems about me.
Ever since I was little, I could never really tell what was wrong, why I’m upset, crying all the time and such.
To this day it still gets to me that I have trouble speaking up when I’m so down like this.
It’s bad, I admit. I try to be even when I say I don’t care about other people’s problems and so they shouldn’t care about mine. Even with with my closest friends and family and such, I wouldn’t be able to speak. Well family is an exception, but still. Whenever they ask me what’s wrong or tell me that “you can tell me anything” or “I’m here if you want to talk.”

Really. I appreciate it and all. But for some reason, I cannot get words out or else I’ll start breaking down and crying or snap.

I hate this. It affected my relationship and now it hurts me so bad, that all I want to do is cry and sleep. I don’t even eat much. I remembered in the beginning of our relationship, he told me to open up to him more and so he open up to me as well.

What I’m doing is certainly unfair. And the excuse of “oh I’m always like this” won’t cover it.

I’m sorry, my dearest.
I’m finally understanding on how I treat you and it’s unfair.
I am so stupid.
Now here I am just crying for you and because of my stupidity.
Words really hurt more than a deep wound.
I love you.
Please don’t go.


It's like I just found something special. Something very special.

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Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.

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It was seriously no joke on how people said Drakengard 3 is very twisted.

But I love it.




Drakengard 3 

The I n t o n e r s .

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